Four Situations When Adult Placement Helps Adults with Disabilities

There are times when family members with disabilities need different solutions than the ones that are currently in place. Adult placement specialists can help you to find the right solutions for your family member’s situation so that she’s getting her needs met on a consistent basis. These are just some of the situations when you may want that extra help.

Your Family Member Is in Temporary Housing

When your family member’s needs change, that can often mean that the setting she’s living in unfortunately has to change as well. That might mean leaving an institutional setting and temporarily living in a halfway house of sorts until more permanent arrangements are located. These types of temporary settings can be upsetting for your family member, which means additional tools for stability are helpful.

Your Family Member Isn’t Able to Live Independently at All

Your family member may have been able to live independently for a while, but aging can cause that situation to change for her. She may find that she’s unable now to continue aging in place, even though she’s learned skills that have kept her independent. She may need to transition into another living situation and that can be difficult for anyone, but it can be especially dangerous for an adult with disabilities.

Your Family Member Could Live Independently, with Help

It’s also possible that your family member has been able to live independently, even with challenging disabilities, but is finding some things to be more difficult as she ages. Having specialized help from care providers who understand both the challenges of aging and the challenges of disabilities can help her to continue to live in her own home for a longer span of time.

Your Family Member Needs Help Adjusting

Once your family member has a permanent living situation as well as the assistance that she needs most during this time of her life, there’s still a bit more to be done. She’s likely going to need a good bit of support to help her to adjust to the assistance she’s getting. There may be rough patches along the way, and having experts continuing to be involved in the process can make a huge difference for your family member.

Finding the right solutions is much easier when you’re able to work with someone who can give you guidance for adults with disabilities. Senior placement specialists are used to solving these complex problems for caregivers and the people that they love.

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