What Can Senior Advocacy Do for Your Family Member?

Working with senior advocates might not have occurred to you before, but they can be invaluable when you’re figuring out how to make sure your senior’s needs are being met properly. Here’s how they can be the most help.

Help Put Together a Full Care Plan

Having a complete plan of care for your aging family member is absolutely vital. This ensures that you’ve got all of the bases covered from making sure that your elderly family member is housed appropriately and that she has the care that she needs. If your elderly family member needs specialized care, such as memory care, senior advocacy can help you to find that care.

Sort through and Answer Medical Questions

Medical issues can become complicated very quickly, especially when your aging family member is dealing with a range of health issues. When you’re balancing multiple specialists, it helps to have someone who can serve as a liaison and keep things as simplified for you as possible. This also help to make a care plan easier to establish.

Assist with Medical Billing and Insurance Concerns

Just as medical information gets difficult fast, so too do billing concerns. Insurance companies can be even more frustrating to deal with on a regular basis. Being able to rely on someone else to sort through that red tape can be liberating for you and for your senior.

Find Other Services to Meet Needs

There may be other services your elderly family member needs on a regular basis, like transportation services for people with mobility concerns, for example. If she is having trouble cooking meals, then meal delivery services like Meals on Wheels may be an option for her. Some of the more obscure services may be ones you’ve never heard of, though, so having someone with experience showing you the way is incredibly helpful.

Offer Information about Senior Advocacy and Care

You may find that you have so many questions about what your senior really needs and what all of this means, both for her and for you. When you’re working with experienced senior advocates, you’ve got access to a wealth of information that helps you to feel better prepared. It’s empowering to know that you’ve got the answers you need when you need them.

There are a lot of other ways that senior advocacy can work in your senior’s favor, too. You’ll feel more comfortable knowing that there’s someone there to help you both.

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