Is an Age-restricted Community Right for Your Senior?

If your elderly family member is open to the idea of moving, an age-restricted community might meet some of her needs. It’s one of the senior living options that allows a great deal of freedom, but also has some features that your elderly family member might find seriously appealing. These are just a few of the factors that might play into your senior’s decision to look more closely at age-restricted communities.

Your Senior Wants to Own Her Home Still

Some age-restricted communities are apartments or condos, but more and more are made up of homes that seniors can purchase. That’s a big bonus if your elderly family member wants to downsize or move but really wants to maintain the financial benefits of owning her own home. Even with owning her own home, lawn and home maintenance may be handled by the community itself. It’s worth investigating the options available.

Your Senior Is Still Very Active

If your elderly family member is still very active, she may be happier in an age-restricted community. These types of communities often offer a variety of different activities and events that your senior can become a part of very easily. Whether she’s looking for book clubs, exercise groups, or something else, it probably exists.

Your Senior Wants Neighbors Just Like Her

As your senior gets older, she may find that living around people who aren’t in her age group is actually rather difficult for her. They may keep different hours than she does or she may not feel comfortable being in a neighborhood where people are gone all day, leaving her alone in the neighborhood. In an age-restricted community, more of her neighbors are likely to keep similar hours to hers and they are also likely to be home when she is.

Communities Are Usually Designed to Account for Aging

Age-restricted communities are designed and built for aging adults. That means that issues around mobility are taken into consideration and that there are features that make aging in place a lot more feasible. That might not have been nearly as possible in your senior’s current home but having that option can open up some options for her.

Age-restricted communities are just one of the senior living options that your senior might find appealing. It’s worth it to do some additional research and to determine what’s available in your area so that your senior can start exploring a bit.

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