Can Your Senior’s Living Situation Help Her Mental Health?

Mental health is something that many people of all ages unfortunately take for granted. That’s especially difficult for your senior, if she’s in that situation. But experiencing mental health issues and living alone may compound the issue in ways that you and your elderly family member can’t anticipate. It might be time to look into assisted living options in order to help.

Mental Health Issues Facing Older Adults

According to The Centers for Disease Control, up to 20 percent of people over the age of 55 are likely experiencing some sort of mental health issue. The types of mental health concerns affecting older adults are issues such as depression, anxiety, and even more mood disorders. These are all conditions that can likely be treated, if your senior’s doctor is aware of what she’s experiencing.

Symptoms and Risk Factors

Some of the biggest risk factors with mental health issues can include things like experiencing a big loss or having severe physical health problems, too. Mental health issues might not be as easy to spot as you might expect, too, which can make it difficult to know what’s going on. If your elderly family member’s weight is changing rapidly, if she doesn’t seem to be sleeping well, or she’s experiencing mood changes, talk to her about what she might be experiencing.

Treatments for Mental Health Issues

Treating mental health issues depends a great deal on your senior’s individual situation. There may be medications that her doctor recommends or there may be other solutions. Therapy can be very helpful, depending on the type of issue your senior is battling. Your senior’s living situation may matter more in treating what’s going on than you might expect.

How Her Living Situation Makes a Difference

Many mental health issues are a result of isolation and feeling alone in the world. If your elderly family member is living alone and isn’t seeing many people on a regular basis, it’s possible that changing her living situation can change her overall experience with mental health. Independent senior living may be just what she needs in order to get a handle on how she’s feeling.

Talk to your elderly family member about the types of assisted living options that might be a positive change for her. She may find that having more help and being around more people is exactly what she needed in order to effectively manage her mental health.

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